The Disruption Imperative: Unleashing Hidden Potential
June 14, 2018 | 2 pm EST
Presented by: Mark Busine and Stephanie Neal

How ready are organizations to face the disruptive impact of rapidly-evolving competition and digital technologies? Our recently released Global Leadership Forecast 2018 revealed that only 14% of CEOs believe they have the leadership talent in place to execute their strategies, and the problem is not new. Organizations have long been aware that they need stronger talent to face new challenges, and they have invested mightily to develop it. Yet for decades, most have failed to increase leadership quality and bench strength. What are they missing?

The leadership model prevalent across organizations has long relied on developing and accelerating a narrow set of high-potential heroes. As a result, a broader pool of talent has been overlooked. Why is it that women, who represent nearly half of the workforce, only represent 22% of the executive population? Why do most C-level executives arise from one or two functional areas? And why is it that leaders continue to select and promote individuals with the qualities and attributes similar to themselves?

In this interactive webinar, we will address these questions and:
  • Explore the reasons why organizations struggle to surface hidden potential.
  • Reveal practical steps for rethinking the current leadership model and seeking out new forms of diversity.
  • Define a path forward for organizations to unleash their full potential.