#LeadLikeAGirl: Power Moves to Unleash the Potential of Women
March 8, 2018 | 11:00 am EST
Presented by: Tacy Byham, Ph.D.

The news headlines have declared that 2018 will be the year of women! But then again, they had hoped for the same in 2017. And 2016. And 1992. And 1984.

Will it ever be the year of women? It seems that we are perpetually standing at the brink of a breakthrough, yet the numbers barely budge. Women comprise less than 20% of the U.S. Congress. They make up less than 10% of U.N. representatives. And they are only 6% of Fortune 500 CEOs. It’s progress for sure, but it continues to be painfully slow. Let’s change that together.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, DDI’s CEO, Tacy Byham, Ph.D., shares her personal journey, and shows men and women how they can use four “power moves” to unleash the potential of women. Attendees will learn how to:
  • Find Your Strength and the Leader Within You
  • Explore the Confidence Gap
  • Identify Your Personal Wake-up Call
  • Super-Power Your Network
These lessons will enable you to not only ignite your own impact, but also become a better mentor, leader, co-worker, and parent to this generation of women and the next.

Kick off your International Women’s Day celebration with this energizing and interactive presentation of Tacy’s top-rated keynote speech. This is an exclusive, once a year opportunity to hear this speech via webinar. It’s time to start unleashing the potential of women!