Pinpoint Administrator Training - Pinpoint 101 (Beginner Session)

Thank you for expressing interest in DDI’s Pinpoint, our one-stop shop for engaging learning experiences. If you need a refresher about the platform, please take a moment to view this short introductory promo video.

We are excited that you want to become a Pinpoint Administrator, and we can’t wait to get you started. We offer two levels of training to ensure that you are well prepared to become a Pinpoint master. Check out the classes below.

Pinpoint 101 covers the basics and is designed for those with no or minimal experience with DDI’s Pinpoint. Topics on the agenda:
  • Overview of DDI’s Pinpoint platform
  • Basics of creating a learning experience
    • Creating a process
    • Creating and managing users
    • Creating and using groups
  • Sending emails
  • Generating reports
  • Engaging classroom facilitators
  • Overview of support tools

Ready to get started? Select your preferred date below and sign up for one of our public training sessions. For further training, click here to access the Pinpoint 102 registration page.

These workshops are meant for current Pinpoint clients only. For more information on how to become a Pinpoint Administrator, click here or reach out to you current DDI representative.