Women in Leadership and Gender Parity: Is Change Happening Fast Enough?

An Industry Perspective from the Brandon Hall Group

Women make up almost half of the workforce, yet the majority of them are still not receiving equal compensation or equal opportunities to develop and advance. With diversity and inclusion being a critical initiative for many companies, one element of that is creating a culture and atmosphere for women to advance to, and excel in, leadership positions.

The report is based on the results of Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Women in Leadership survey of 420 respondents from 26 countries and more than 30 different industries, plus more than 25 interviews with women leaders.

Top research findings include:
  1. 70% of Companies Have a C-Suite Featuring 25% or Fewer Women.
  2. Most Organizations Struggle to Build a Leadership Culture for Women.
  3. Companies Struggle to Hire Female Technical Talent.
  4. Small Firms More Likely to Achieve Gender Parity in Leadership Roles.
  5. High-Performing Organizations Have Different Cultural, Philosophical Views.
Download this comprehensive report to discover:
  • Systems and processes that are barriers to success.
  • 6 ways that organizations are breaking through barriers.
  • Critical calls to action for organizations and aspiring women leaders.